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Online Therapist Avoids Censure Over Breach of Client Confidentiality

Original article removed 28 July 2006: At the request of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), the article originally appearing at this URL has been removed. The BACP request allows that the article may be republished at a later time provided that identifying features of people and professional bodies involved in the matter being reported have been removed. The URL for the appropriately edited article is available below.

As indicated, the original version of this article has been removed at the request of the BACP.

Thank you for your understanding.

Update 19 October 2006: The relevant ruling has now been made public by the BACP, and you can read the decision and commentary (“BACP Asks That Names Be Removed from Published Account of Confidentiality Violation by Online Therapists”) on this site. The suitably edited original article (“When Online Therapists Violate Client Confidentiality”) is now also available.

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