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Mental Health Site Reviews Now Available Via Google Topics

Are you one of the early adopters, who likes to take advantage of the very latest search innovations to help you find what you’re looking for? If you are, you’ll probably want to drop by a certain profile page over at Google Topics, because our collection of mental health site reviews is now available for automatic inclusion in Google searches. Read on for more details and the direct link.

[Editor’s Note: Although it wasn’t apparent at the time, Google’s new project didn’t really seem to take off. As a result, we’re no longer dedicating any resources to supporting it or keeping our annotations up to date.]

Whether you like to live at the bleeding edge of technology, or whether you just want the best results for your search engine efforts, Google’s new Topics service, part of Google Co-Op, can help you weed out the junk and focus in on the kinds of sites that you personally find most useful.

We’re now providing our full set of mental health site reviews (from our Other Web Resources section) in the form of Google Topics annotations — just drop by the Managing Editor’s annotation profile page to subscribe to the full set of mental health site reviews.

What happens when you subscribe to the annotations? It means that when you perform a search related to one of the sites we’ve reviewed, you have the option of narrowing down your search using tags that we’ve associated with the reviewed sites. For example, if you’re specifically after information aimed at mental health professionals, you can click on a tag for that area, and the Google search results will focus on sites which have been tagged as being for health professionals either by us or by other providers of annotations to which you’ve subscribed. Or if you’re specifically looking for treatment information, diagnosis information, or other topics, you can click on tags for those areas, and the search results will again focus on those sites which have been tagged as being relevant. Google Topics can also show you the text of review comments we’ve included about the site — just like the reviews in our web resources section, but there at your fingertips within the Google search.

You can unsubscribe just as easily as you subscribe, so if you later decide that actually, these annotations aren’t useful for you, then you can simply get rid of them. But please do give them a try, and we’d welcome any feedback on whether you find this additional service useful!

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