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11 Responses to “Panic Room: Overcome Your Phobias and Anxieties”

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    Susan Docherty

    I physically cry with fear when I spot a spider! Any creepy crawley scares me whitless but spiders (and wasps) are the worst. i sweat and feel sick with spiders and have to cover my ears every night for fear of them crawling in them!

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    peter salcedo

    can you help me with my driveing i can not go on an m,way or tunnel

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    julie birchall

    I have a phobia about wasps and bees. It started when I was about 9, and I thought I would ‘grow out of it’. But, in my 40’s now, I am no better. It makes my life a misery in the summer. I either stay indoors, or do the dance of the mad woman when I see, or even hear them. I can’t even differenciate between wasps and bees any more. I really could use some help…

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    Chris Dawe

    i have a phobia of hights, when walking over a high bridge i cant look over the side, i either have to walk in the middle or just hold on to the railings on the side of the bridge. If i look over i start to feel sick.

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    I have had a phobia of people being sick around me for as long as i can remember. I have had hypnotherapy and CBT therapy but neither has helped me. I am running out of ideas and feel really depressed as it has taken over my life in recent years. I cant go to pubs and clubs with my friends and have eneded up paying a fortune in cab fares to get home to avoid using public transport. PLEASE HELP.

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    Hi Francesca and others,

    Just to avoid any confusion, please note that the article I posted was specifically about a BBC television show that aims to help people overcome extreme phobias and anxieties. I.e., I won’t be able to field specific queries about phobias and anxieties here in the blog thread.

    Thank you for your understanding,

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    Hi, after years of finding ways to combat my emetophobia, I realise I can’t do it alone! Had several different treatments to no avail. Extremely difficult with children, and working with children. I Would be very interested in the programme if it isn’t too late.

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    I am having serious panic attacks over high bridges and sometimes the freeway. I drive 80 miles to and from work everyday and need this job. This phobia started after I had my 2nd child last year. I thought it was just a phase but now I know if I don’t do something about it this condition will only worsen. Sometimes I get so scared at the top of the bridge that I have thoughts of just driving over the side just so I won’t have this problem anymore. I read that these are only thoughts and I don’t want to do that but sometimes they are so real. I have nightmare after nightmare of driving off the side of a high bridge. This is truly scary.

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    Kirsty Stubbs

    I hate spiders so much, the thought of a spider any were near me makes me ill, i have been known to go to neighbours doors crying because they has been a spider & was to scared of killing it incase it crawled on me, i always think about them & make my self ill, my boyfriend doesnt understant, he thinks i go over the top as i scream & then cry if he doesnt get the spider, help

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