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Overwhelming Response to Threads on Relationship Losers

We sure didn’t foresee that a couple of blog posts about Dr Joe Carver’s article called ‘Are You Dating a Loser?’ would wind up attracting some 260 comments from readers. But now that we’ve had to split the discussion thread 4 times — and brought Dr Carver on board as Consulting Clinical Psychologist with his own regular column — we’re pretty sure he’s on to something.

Dr Joe Carver’s article called Are You Dating a Loser?, and its accompanying blog posts, continue to attract unprecedented levels of reader interest. We’ve now split off the discussion again, after the previous 3 posts on the paper attracted some 260 comments! The most recent thread on relationship losers (“Psychologist’s Description of “The Loser” in Relationships Rings True”) attracted nearly 90 comments in less than 2 months.

So if you have a comment on Dr Carver’s Loser article, this new thread is now available — just fire up your keyboard and post your thoughts using the form below.

Alternatively, you may have noticed our announcement just two weeks ago, that Dr Carver has also now joined us as the site’s Consulting Clinical Psychologist; he is now in charge of his own regular column here at, called Ask the Psychologist. As of today, we’re publishing the first questions for Dr Carver, together with his replies — so if you have something on your mind that’s just itching for feedback from a clinical psychologist, head over to Dr Carver’s new section and send him a question.

Editor’s Note: Following the huge response from readers to this latest thread on relationship ‘losers’, we’ve closed the comments form here but opened a new one on the new post on relationship losers: “More on Relationship Losers, Abusers, Manipulators and Controllers”. Please visit the new post to leave your comment!

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