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In an effort to keep things fresh on our main blog Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life, we’ve moved a few of our posts that are at least a decade or so old here to CR Clips.

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  • Emotional Memory Management
    3 August 2007

    Do you ever experience an unwelcome flood of emotions when reminded of a particular person or event? Do you find yourself dragging up the past, and re-hashing old wrongs whenever you try to talk with a certain person? Our Consulting Clinical Psychologist Dr Carver — something of a specialist when it comes to Emotional Memory — offers an explanation of how it works, and a whole host of practical tips that anyone can use.

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  • WordPress, Movable Type Hit by New Duplicate Content Bugs
    2 August 2007

    If you write a blog — especially if you write one as part of your business — you’ll want to know about a new duplicate content vulnerability in WordPress and Movable Type. No, this isn’t the same old vulnerability that first hit the news last year — this is a new one, and this time it’s a bug.

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  • Digital Certificates for Practitioners in Private Practice: What to Avoid
    24 July 2007

    Last year, I described my experiences trying to renew the digital certificate which enables this site to process data securely. Having battled with a company called RegisterFly, I wound up having a very pleasant experience with GoDaddy. Now a colleague who works in clinical trials has passed on news that the company I battled with was so bad it has actually been stripped of its ICANN accreditation. Caveat emptor!

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