New Adult ADHD Screening Quiz

Are you concerned about symptoms that seem like they could indicate ADHD? You’re not alone, as diagnoses of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults and children alike continue to increase at a surprisingly high rate. Our section on psychological tests and quizzes has added a short, 6-question Adult ADHD screening quiz based on work by the World Health Organization.

You might already be familiar with our section about ADHD symptoms, and perhaps you’ve tried the Jaspers-Goldberg screening test for Adult ADHD. We’ve now added another screening test, the short 6-question form of the World Health Organization’s Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale (ASRS-v1.1).

Two things in particular are worth noting about this screening quiz:

  1. This quiz is based directly on DSM-IV-TR symptoms and is essentially a symptom checklist which can help with a diagnosis of ADHD by a qualified mental health professional.
  2. This quiz is correctly scored on the basis of the number of answers which fall into a particular set (which are explained fully after taking the quiz); in other words, the score is of the form “X answers indicate symptoms consistent with a diagnosis of adult ADHD”, where “X” is a number from 0 to 6.

I mention this second point specifically because some other psychology sites are providing inaccurate and misleading versions of this test which erroneously yield a score running up into the teens, along with a 3-part spectrum ranging from no ADHD through to definite ADHD. This kind of scoring method perverts the original World Health Organization work and has little or no basis in evidence-based science; I would recommend that visitors to sites providing such tests take their results with a large grain of salt.

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