More Personal Replies from Psychologist About Relationships with Losers

His simple question “Are You Dating a Loser?” has struck such a chord with readers that Dr Carver’s discussion thread has become one of our busiest ever on With 80 individual comments originally posted, we’re now opening up a second thread where Dr Carver can field questions and comments on this popular article.

His article asks, simply, Are You Dating a Loser?

And the answer, it seems, has been a resounding ‘yes’ for many of the people who have posted comments and questions for clinical psychologist Dr Joseph M Carver, PhD in the original discussion thread about his paper (“Are You Dating a Loser?”). The dozens of comments — and Dr Carver’s personal replies — have made the discussion thread one of our most popular ever.

We’ve now started this second discussion thread to accommodate the latest reader feedback on Dr Carver’s article. So, as we said in the original discussion thread, fire up your keyboard if you’d like to put a relationship question to him, and leave your question in the comments section of this blog posting. We’ll let Dr Carver know when your questions or comments are posted, and he can take a look at them.

And of course, if you haven’t read the article yet on the question Are You Dating a Loser?, be sure to stop by and see whether what Dr Carver describes sounds familiar to you.

POSTSCRIPT: We’ve now opened a third discussion thread where readers can leave their comments for Dr Carver: “Psychologist’s Description of “The Loser” in Relationships Rings True”. Please visit the new discussion thread if you’d like to have your say!

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