Improved Navigation for Browsing Clinical Trials Research

If you’ve searched our database of clinical trials research exploring drug safety and efficacy, you’ll know the search facility can quickly zero in on relevant drug research. But what if you’d just like to browse through trials by condition or by sponsor, or just find out about trials with a particular status?

UPDATE (Feb 2008): We’ve now replaced our comprehensive clinical trials system with a brief summary page for each of the medications we cover; a full database is still searchable at

We’ve been offering a clinical trials supplement on a subdomain of since part way through 2006, and most visitors have found the built-in search facility does a fine job of locating clinical trials research relevant to a particular topic. Until recently, though, if you just wanted to browse through the research listings, that was harder to do — usually necessitating a trip to the US government’s main clinical trials site, from which our database is sourced.

So, we’ve extended our interface for finding clinical trials research to include three different ways of browsing:

  • clinical trials by condition
  • clinical trials by sponsor
  • clinical trials by status

The last one is particularly useful if you’d like to see which studies are not yet recruiting volunteers but may be soon; while the sponsor option is useful for locating research progressing under the auspices of a particular drug company, government agency, university, or research network.

If you’d like to help with trials designed to test the safety and efficacy of pharmacological treatments, or if you’d simply like to learn more about what is happening in this important area of research, it couldn’t be easier: just stop by any time and have a look!

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