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Our new resident Consulting Psychologist now has his own regular column: Ask the Psychologist. If you’re looking for feedback on a relationship, worried about a friend or family member, or just curious about something you’ve always wanted to ask a psychologist, Dr Carver is here to listen and offer you some thoughts.

He’s been a regular contributor on for more than a year now, and the discussion threads for his articles on Loving an Abuser and Dating a Loser now hold hundreds of comments and personal replies. Finally, we’ve decided to make it official, and Dr Carver is all set up with his own section where he can field questions about all things psychological.

We’re now inviting questions for Dr Carver, and a selection of the questions we receive — together with Dr Carver’s personal replies — will be published in the new section starting Monday, 21 May.

So if you’d like to learn more about Dr Carver, or ask him a psychology question, just visit the new Ask the Psychologist section, where you can get started!

Editor’s Note: To help ensure that reader questions go to Dr Carver rather than to this blog post, I have now closed the comments section for this announcement. Please use the Ask the Psychologist section for submitting questions to Dr Carver.

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