Kudos for New Free Blogging Service (Since Closed)

Many thanks to Dr Gareth Furber for giving our new free blogging service a ‘splash’ over at his site. Dr Furber highlighted the new site’s features and advertising model and commented on the potential of BlogsInMind.com as a journaling and therapeutic writing tool.

Editor’s Note: This article refers to our free blogging service, BlogsInMind.com, which we closed in February 2008.

Dr Gareth Furber has put in a great deal of effort over the last year reviewing the latest and greatest web resources for clinical psychologists, researchers and students. And just this past weekend, he gave our new free blogging platform, BlogsInMind.com, the ‘splash’. We’re really pleased to see BlogsInMind.com featured in such good company!

Gareth highlighted the features of BlogInMind.com as well as its innovative advertising model — and gave a thumbs-up to our commitment to prune out spam blogs (‘splogs’) whenever they appear. Along with his encouragement to others to stop by and have a look, he commented that:

I have found it quite amazing how many people use online services (forums, blogs etc) to explore psychological and social issues. The combination of anonymity with community seems a powerful motivator for people to share their feelings and experiences. As such BlogsInMind may be a potentially powerful journaling and therapeutic writing tool.

Thanks again, Gareth!

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