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Too many people have had to wait too long to access our online counselling services — with our waiting list stretching out to 7 weeks recently. Today, we welcome our first Associate Online Counsellor, Sarah Hayes, whose practice is now featured in our online counselling service section. Welcome, Sarah, and we hope this will mean fewer people having to wait for the services they want!

Editor’s Note: Our Associate Therapist list was replaced by an extensive new online therapy service at, spun off from in mid-2008. However, itself stopped taking new clients in 2014, and the site itself was sold in 2017. An archive for the practice is now available at

Having been in private practice for some years now, I have watched the level of demand for online counselling and online therapy services continue to grow. But because of that continuing growth, I’ve also unfortunately had to watch clients get turned away when they needed online services quickly. With my practice waiting list recently stretching to some 7 weeks, some clients who were in a real state of need right now just wound up having to go elsewhere.

Believe me, it is never pleasant to have to turn clients away like that.

So, as of today, we’re going to start featuring the practices of other online counsellors and online therapists alongside my own, in a new section of Associates. The arrangement for clients who would like to work with one of our listed Associates rather than using the in-house online practice will simply be to have a look at the Associate’s details, and then click through to visit the Associate’s own website, where they’ll be able to contract with them directly. (In other words, although we’re featuring Associates here on, their individual practices will continue to operate independently.)

I’d like to extend a big welcome to our first Associate, Sarah Hayes!

Sarah is an accredited BACP counsellor with ten years of experience in the field of mental health. She describes herself as a humanistic counsellor who works holistically to include the mind, body and spirit. She also uses elements of REBT and Psychosynthesis theory. She is a warm and enthusiastic counsellor.

Coincidentally, I first ‘met’ Sarah, virtually speaking, exactly one year ago today, and I’m confident her practice will make a fine addition to my own. (And I find it ironic that it’s precisely today that we begin featuring her practice here on the site!) I hope having Sarah’s practice accessible here via the site will help make my own waiting list a bit more manageable, and I especially hope that it will mean more clients will be able to take advantage of online services when they need them, rather than being turned away to search elsewhere.

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