More Resources on Problems With the Daytrana ADHD Patch

If you’ve been following our articles on reader reports about the Daytrana ADHD patch, you’ll know that reader experiences vary widely. With over 170 comments about the methylphenidate transdermal patch, it’s time for another follow-up — and some additional resources for those experiencing problems with the patch.

With more than 170 comments, our previous posts on problems with Shire’s Daytrana patch for ADHD has drawn a huge reaction. A pharmacist with the Institute for Safe Medicine Practices has even been following the most recent thread (“Problems With the Daytrana ADHD Patch?”) as one way of monitoring public response to the patch.

To keep the page size from growing too huge, we’ve decided to start this new thread where readers can share their experiences of what works, what doesn’t work, what might work — and anything else you’d like to let others know about the Daytrana ADHD patch. In the previous two threads, readers have contributed work-arounds, warnings, experiences with Shire representatives, and a good number of thought-provoking questions about the patch. So if you’re looking for a solution, these threads are great places to check, and if you’d like to share something new, please let us know here!

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