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We hadn’t even announced it yet, but by last Friday afternoon astute readers were already signing up for our brand new newsletter! Just choose the topics you’d like to hear about, and we’ll package it all up into one newsletter and deliver it straight to you either once a day, or once a week. If you’d like to stay connected, what could be easier?

For years, I’ve resisted the pressure to run a newsletter in conjunction with Sure, everybody seemed to be doing it, and everybody seemed to think it was a jolly good idea. I wasn’t convinced: philosophically speaking, I like the idea of our contact with you being entirely at your discretion, and sending out a newsletter just seemed a bit too much ‘push’ and not enough ‘pull’ for my tastes. And besides, we’ve published RSS feeds for years, which enable anyone with a newsreader to keep abreast of everything we publish, as we publish it.

But in the end, I gave in. Unless you’re one of those folks who fastidiously pores through your newsreader entries every hour, trying to stay ahead of the curve — and if you are, more power to you — you may well appreciate just being able to let someone else do the work for you. I know I do: I like to have someone else package things up in a way that appeals to me, deliver it to me seamlessly and effortlessly, and do it without ever hassling me about it. That’s exactly the sort of thing a computer does really well, and that’s how our newsletter system is now set up to work.

Just click on the newsletter graphic over at the top right of the page and a special subscription page will open without requiring you to leave this page. You can choose the specific topics you’d like to hear about, and whether you’d like to hear from us once a day or just once per week; then, the system will package things up for you into one single newsletter and send it out to you at your chosen frequency. It’s as easy as that! (Well, not quite: you will have to click on a link in an initial email which the system will send out, in order to verify that it’s really you signing up for the newsletter. But after that, it should be smooth sailing, with no maintenance required unless you’d like to update something.)

You can get a daily update on Dr Carver’s replies to readers over at Ask the Psychologist, you can get our main site blog (the section you’re reading right now), or you can get composite content from any of several topics drawn from Ask the Psychologist, our book reviews section, and this blog — the choice is yours, so have fun!

Oh, and we probably don’t even need to say this, but no, no, no, we won’t pass on your details to anybody else.

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