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Emotional Memory Management

Do you ever experience an unwelcome flood of emotions when reminded of a particular person or event? Do you find yourself dragging up the past, and re-hashing old wrongs whenever you try to talk with a certain person? Our Consulting Clinical Psychologist Dr Carver — something of a specialist when it comes to Emotional Memory — offers an explanation of how it works, and a whole host of practical tips that anyone can use.

Dr Carver Joins Site as Consulting Clinical Psychologist

We’d like to extend a very warm welcome to Dr Joseph M Carver, who joins us as the site’s Consulting Clinical Psychologist and author of his own regular feature. Many readers will know Dr Carver from his popular articles on relationships, as well as from his frequent contributions in the blog section of the site. Now we’ve decided the time has come for Dr Carver to have a section of his own, a dedicated section where you can…Ask the Psychologist!

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