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Recovering From a Direct Lightning Strike On Our Data Centre

This year, we marked the summer solstice with a direct lightning strike on the data centre which houses our server. Fortunately, all data stayed safe, but network connectivity was absent for about an hour and remained dicey for a few hours after that. So, if you happen to have tried getting in touch with us on the 21st of June, and received an error or an email bounce, that will be why. And if you haven’t been doing it regularly yet, we highly recommend our articles on the importance of backups, backups, backups!

Counselling Service Waiting List Now Clear

After more than 3 months of more interest from new clients than I could reliably offer services to, our online therapy and online counselling service is again able to accept new clients without a waiting list. Up until now, using our counselling service meant waiting a few days or even a few weeks for space in my practice to become available, but now all new clients will once again be registered immediately, without a wait.

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