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News Roundup: Exelon Skin Patch, Antidepressant Warning, and Ethics Questions

Interesting developments in mental health news last week include the first skin patch for treating Alzheimer’s disease, an FDA public health warning about serotonin syndrome from combining certain anti-depressants with certain headache medications, and word of apparently serious conflicts of interest at two major medical journals publishing studies about vagus nerve stimulation and about the use of antidepressants during pregnancy.

Americans Living Lonelier, More Isolated Lives?

Close social networks are shrinking in size, while the number of people reporting that they have no one with whom to discuss important personal matters has tripled. The number of non-kin confidants is decreasing most rapidly of all, with fewer close contacts through voluntary associations and neighbourhoods. These results come from a new study which reveals startling and dramatic changes in American social networks over the last two decades.

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