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Mental Health Site Reviews Now Available Via Google Topics

Are you one of the early adopters, who likes to take advantage of the very latest search innovations to help you find what you’re looking for? If you are, you’ll probably want to drop by a certain profile page over at Google Topics, because our collection of mental health site reviews is now available for automatic inclusion in Google searches. Read on for more details and the direct link.

New Drug Varenicline Tartrate Promises Effective Help Stopping Smoking

Are you still trying to quit smoking, but finding that will power just isn’t enough? Help may be at hand, because varenicline, to be marketed in tablet form as Chantix, has now been approved by the FDA, joining bupropion (marketed as Zyban) as only the second nicotine-free smoking cessation product available to US consumers. Unlike nicotine replacement therapies, drugs like varenicline work both by cutting the pleasure of smoking and by reducing the withdrawal symptoms that lead smokers to keep lighting up.

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