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BACP Asks That Names Be Removed from Published Account of Confidentiality Violation by Online Therapists

The BACP has asked that individual practitioners’ names be removed from an article published on this site which recounted the details of a violation of client confidentiality by a group of online therapists. While throwing out the majority of claims in a complaint brought by those individuals, and recognizing that the publisher of this site was ethically bound to challenge the incompetence or malpractice of other practitioners, the BACP has deemed that the publisher erred by individually naming those responsible for the violation.

When Online Therapists Violate Client Confidentiality

Sometimes online therapists violate the confidentiality of their clients — and sometimes the field lacks adequate protections for the well-being of those clients. That, unfortunately, is one conclusion of an article we published recounting the facts of how a group of six self-proclaimed ‘experts’ in online therapy exposed confidential client information on a major web portal. The BACP has upheld our decision to publish this information, provided that the identifying details of relevant professional bodies and those responsible for violating client confidentiality are removed.

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