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Recovering From a Direct Lightning Strike On Our Data Centre

This year, we marked the summer solstice with a direct lightning strike on the data centre which houses our server. Fortunately, all data stayed safe, but network connectivity was absent for about an hour and remained dicey for a few hours after that. So, if you happen to have tried getting in touch with us on the 21st of June, and received an error or an email bounce, that will be why. And if you haven’t been doing it regularly yet, we highly recommend our articles on the importance of backups, backups, backups!

Mental Health Site Reviews Now Available Via Google Topics

Are you one of the early adopters, who likes to take advantage of the very latest search innovations to help you find what you’re looking for? If you are, you’ll probably want to drop by a certain profile page over at Google Topics, because our collection of mental health site reviews is now available for automatic inclusion in Google searches. Read on for more details and the direct link.

Screening Tests and Quizzes

Whether just for fun or for more serious clinical screening purposes, psychological tests and quizzes can provide independent and objective feedback about how you’re feeling. Our new section includes self-tests for depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and more. You can even test yourself for ‘internet addiction’ if you really want to! The new section also provides some information about the serious side of psychological screening, including US government guidance on depression screening.

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