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A Kid in the Musical Candy Shop

For many of us, listening to music adds to our quality of life — and even helps maintain our mental health. So how would it feel if you suddenly found yourself at a paid download service selling music for one-tenth what iTunes charges? What if you could download entire albums for less than you’d spend on a cup of coffee? Would you grab all you could? (After all, it is good for your mental health, right?) What about those nagging ethical questions telling you such a cheap music download service could not possibly be legitimate? Yesterday, I had exactly that experience. I’d like to hear how others might experience it!

Practitioner Tools: Backup Strategies to Save Your Practice

If your computer permanently stopped working right now, this very instant, what would happen to your practice? How about your clients? Just how much will it cost — in time, money, or stress — to recover your tax and financial information, client records, and other critical practice data in the event of a minor computer disaster that can happen in just milliseconds? Two new articles in our practice building section help you to formulate a secure and reliable encrypted backup strategy that can save you money and may save your practice.

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